Monday, March 5, 2018

Last-Minute Tips for IELTS Test Takers

How you spend the last moments of your IELTS review period has a huge impact on your test performance. So, spend them wisely. Use these last-minute IELTS tips.

IELTS Test Takers

     1.    Review selectively. Cramming won’t do you any good at this point. Don’t use the last day of your preparation period going through everything that you learned during your classes at the IELTSreview center in Davao. Review only what’s essential to reaching your band score goal. Skip the lessons that the instructor discussed to build up your knowledge about language application and go straight to the ones that you need when you take the test.

     2.    Unwind the day before your exam. Aside from selective review, use the last day of your IELTS review period to relax. Listen to your favorite songs, take a walk, or hang out with your friends. Do something that you find interesting and fun to elevate your mood and reduce test anxiety.

     3.    Give your hands a break. IELTS is not a computerized exam. If you prepared with an excellent training program, like the one offered at JRooz IELTS Davao, you probably have an accurate idea as to how much writing the test requires. Make sure your hands are up for it. Refrain from doing anything that would strain them the day before the exam.

     4.    Get the right amount of rest. Emphasis on “the right amount.” Get too much (nine hours or more) or too little (five hours or less) sleep and you’ll compromise your cognitive faculties. Here are some of the immediate effects of oversleeping and sleep deprivation that can affect your test performance.

·         Headache
·         Back pain
·         Bad mood
·         Dulled memory recall
·         Reduced concentration
·         Increased anxiety and emotional fatigue
·         Increased blood pressure

If you still have classes in IELTS Davao, or whichever training facility you’re currently enrolled in, make sure you get sufficient sleep as well. Being well-rested when you attend your review sessions will help you understand and remember your lectures better.

     5.    Eat before the exam. Taking the exam while you’re hungry can affect your exam performance. If the rumbling of your stomach doesn’t distract you, the consequent food cravings probably will. So, eat something light but filling before you take the exam.

     6.    Don’t forget your water bottle. Yes, you can carry one with you into the test room. Drinking water while you take the test will enhance your mental faculties. Make sure your water bottle is transparent. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to take it with you.

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