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Ultimate Checklist for Job Hunting

Taking classes in the IELTS review center Philippines is just one step toward achieving your dream career in an English-speaking community. It is significant to enroll in an affordable and accessible IELTS review center Philippines to make sure that you can still attend to your prior commitments while training for the IELTS exam.

ielts training

JRooz Review Center offers training programs in various locations in the country to make studying more convenient. The IELTS review center in Davao, for one, caters to individuals in Mindanao and nearby areas. Once you accomplish your IELTS score goal, the next step is to process your application to your prospective companies.

Job Hunting Guide

The significance of job application is one of the things that you will learn from IELTS training, such as in the IELTS review center in Davao. Job application is one of the most crucial steps in setting your long-term goal and achieving your dream career. Here is a list of the things that you need to know when applying for work.

•    Career plan
Before you start looking for companies and applying for a position, you need first to evaluate your competence and identify your interests. What is your field of interest? Which organizations would you like to work for? What causes do you care about? It is essential to determine your career plan before you take a further step.

•    Professional image
Once you have identified your career path, the next step is to work on your professional image. List down your educational background, fields of expertise, skills, and work accomplishments. Make sure that you allot time to update your curriculum vitae and portfolio as these two will do the initial talking for you when you send applications.

•    Job search process
After you have determined your career path and updated your portfolio, you have to know the application process inside out. Typically, companies require sending CV and portfolio through email. If you pass on the initial screening, they would ask you for an interview. The application process varies per company. Hence, it is important that before you send applications, you conduct thorough research about the business and always be accessible through the contact details you have provided.

•    Application strategy

Send applications online or trust your network when looking for a job. Another option is to attend job fairs to expand your choices. Remember to prepare all the necessary documents in one folder, and have a copy of each file. Also, always set your best foot forward. Dress for the occasion and be confident when presenting yourself.

•    Job scam awareness

Be mindful when searching for jobs online. Scammers typically ask inappropriate questions—i.e. personal bank account, credit card number, etc. Be critical and always do your research. Ask your peers and look for the company’s background, certifications, and other relevant documents that can prove that it is not a scam.
Finding a job is crucial in achieving your lifetime goals. Always be critical and remember to perform your best in any endeavor to secure your dream career. Take a step toward your dream job with IELTS Review Center Philippines.


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