Friday, August 11, 2017

8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home-Based Study-Binge

While an exceptional IELTS review center Philippines—like the IELTS review center in Davao—is sufficiently equipped to train you for the high-stakes exam, it is still vital that you continue your studies at home. Reserve personal review time to reflect and absorb your lectures.

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Binge studying at home is one of the best ways to digest your IELTS lessons. Your residence’s inherent privacy and familiarity simultaneously make it the perfect and worst study spot. On one hand, you can really let loose and relax while you study. On the other hand, your automatic easygoing attitude in your domain can enhance your procrastination levels.

Supplement your IELTS review center Philippines course with diligent personal training. Consider these simple ways you can enhance your study-binge. 

1.    Take a cold shower before review
The cold shower will not only knock your senses awake for your review, but it will also refresh your body and make you more receptive to any post-bath activities. If you are not feeling up for a full-body wash, opt for a refreshing face wash instead. Do not take a hot or warm bath. It will relax your muscles and induce drowsiness.

2.    Wear comfortable clothes
You are studying, not modeling. You do not have to impress anyone. So wear garments that will not distract you from your review.

3.    Face the wall
Eliminate visual distractions from your study space by positioning your desk or table against the wall. Make sure that your wall of choice has no windows to decrease the temptation to stop and watch the outside world. Attach colorful sticky notes containing your key points and reminders. Tape motivational quotes (from your favorite personalities or loved ones) and inspirational images (like sceneries of your target country) as well to help you keep your head in the game.

4.    Organize your study space
A cluttered review spot contributes to a cluttered mind. Remove any unnecessary objects from your desk. If you have something that you need later like a training module, do not set it aside. Keep it in its designated spot—in your drawer or bookshelf—to avoid disorganization in your study space. 

5.    Set alarms
Turn clocks and other time pieces away from you or hide them from your vision scope.  Having a time-keeping device near you can distract you from your review session especially if you are studying with a time limit due to previous commitments. Set an alarm instead.

6.    Hide your phone
Let your friends and family know about your study-binge so they would know not to distract you. Then, put your mobile device on silent mode and hide it. This removes the distraction of notifications and the temptation of phone checking. Forget about the outside world for a while and concentrate on your studies.

7.    Do not hoard water
Yes, you do need to keep yourself hydrated during your review to stave off thirst-induced discomfort and maintain your cognitive competence. However, if you are going to study at home, refrain from having a giant water bottle in your study space. Force yourself to stand, stretch your stiff muscles, and walk to your refrigerator. Are you worried that you would forget to drink water? Set vibrate alarms on your phone or clock as a reminder.  

8.    Cook healthy meals
When reviewing for extensive periods of time, it is vital that you do not neglect your health. It is very easy to rely on instant food instead of cooking a full meal since it would allow you to focus more on your studies. However, this convenient practice will take its toll on your body. Reserve one day to cook a lot of healthy dishes and store them properly. This way, you have a stock of nutritious meals to carry you through your sessions.
Complement your preparation practices with these home-based review-enhancing tips. Learn more effective test strategies by enrolling in an excellent training facility like the IELTS review center in Davao.

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