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What Are the Different Types of Government Systems?

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Lectures in the IELTS review center focus on improving your core competencies in using the English language. After training in the IELTS review center in Davao, your next goal is to get into your dream job or university abroad. Hence, it is essential that you also get to know the culture and tradition of the country you intend to visit.

Political Systems of the World

Knowing the government system of your prospective country is crucial in determining the appropriate behavior. Listed below are some of the most common political systems that you should know.

•    Democracy
This is a type of government system wherein the people have the freedom to organize, run for political positions, and engage in political discussions. It has varying structures; the two most common types are the parliamentary and presidential systems.

In the parliamentary form, the political power is concentrated in the legislature. Countries such as the UK, Australia, and Canada have this form of government. On the other hand, in the presidential form, the people have the power to vote and elect their president. Countries such as the USA, Philippines, and France exercise this government type.

•    Monarchy
This is a type of government system wherein the power rests on the hereditary figure, typically the queen or king. The extent of authority varies. The monarch may be a sole absolute ruler or a sovereign—with limited power. Countries such as Brunei, Cambodia, and Japan have this government type.

•    Republic
This is a type of government system wherein the elected representatives vote on legislation. Countries such as Argentina, Armenia, and Bolivia have this government form.

•    Oligarchy

This is a type of government system wherein a faction of people or families take control of the institution. This form is exercised in countries such as China, North Korea, and Venezuela.

•    Dictatorship
This is a kind of government system wherein the authority belongs to only one person, the dictator. It is most commonly associated with oppression and forced inheritance.

The forms listed above are just some of the political systems of the world. Learn about the different types of government systems to acquire knowledge and awareness of how to act and quickly adapt in a foreign land.

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