Friday, May 19, 2017

IELTS Reading Tips: How to Completely Change your Reading Habits to Maximize Exam Time

The IELTS Reading part is a 60-minute test designed to examine the individual’s wide range of reading skills. Students are exposed to different difficulty levels of mock exams in the IELTS review center to prepare for the high-stake test. The IELTS review center is an avenue for students to acclimate with the actual exam mechanisms.

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Apart from study sessions in schools such as the IELTS review center in Davao, practicing on your own also helps boost reading skills. Institutions such as the IELTS review center in Davao orient students that time management are among the keys to acing the exam. However, it is difficult to allocate time without proper training.

How can you change your reading habit?

Reading, particularly for people who are cynical about it, can be irksome. Listed below are useful tips to help improve you reading practices.

1.    Introduce reading to your system. Surround yourself with reading materials, and set daily goals. For instance, you can start by reading at least two English resources per day. Begin with easily comprehensible materials such as newspapers and magazines before delving into more critical resources like books and journals.

2.    Do not move your lips when reading. Doing this reduces your reading speed to the fast talking rate, about 150 words per minute. Practice reading with your eye instead. Note that only 60 minutes is allotted for the reading section, so it is significant to increase your rate.

3.    Avoid vocalizing. Reading with your throat also slows reading speed. Though you are not making any sound, it shifts reading to speaking rate. To check, press your fingertips lightly on the vocal cord area of your throat. You will know when you feel a vibration, or tongue movements.

4.    Read at a different rate. Adjust your reading speed to the purpose and difficulty of the material.  For instance, reading journals may take up more time than reading magazines. Allocate more time for complex materials to grasp the content flow and ensure comprehension of the subject matter.

5.    Discover other genres. Visit libraries, ask for recommendations, and utilize the internet to look for other reading genres outside your regular reading scheme. Exposure to various reading materials not only helps widen your vocabulary, but it also helps improve knowledge and develop a passion for reading.

One does not need to be a book lover to ace the IELTS Reading component. Incorporate these tips into your daily routine to improve your reading skills. Practice reading various English materials every day until you become more comfortable with the language.

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