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An Introvert's Guide to Better Socialization

People have different personalities. Are you the outgoing type or an extrovert? Perhaps you prefer spending time alone, or with a few friends, so you consider yourself an introvert. Some people fall in between these two classifications depending on situations. They are called ambiverts.

For some individuals, especially for introverts, they find it hard to adjust to new situations. For instance, attending classes in an IELTS review center in Davao may become overwhelming for them. Learning to adapt in these cases are helpful in reducing stress.

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Socialization is significant particularly when you want to work or study in English-speaking countries, such as Canada, New Zealand and the UK. You have to adapt to their culture and adjust to the new environment. IELTS Philippines conduct review classes that can help develop your socializing skills. Through it, you meet new friends and learn to get along during training.

Tips for better socialization


1.    Go out and give it a try. Leaving your comfort zone can lead to exciting opportunities such as meeting new friends. You will be amazed at how much you have been missing all those times you refused to go out and mingle.
If your classmates in the IELTS Philippines invite you for the nth time for a group study or dinner, saying yes at least once would not hurt. Soon you will find that you are enjoying their company, and going on dinner dates and group studies will be like a routine.

2.     Be comfortable and remain confident. No one is going to eat you anyway. Start with small talks. According to Dr. Jennifer Kahnweiler, a certified speaking professional, one must be equipped with energy reserves and conversation fillers when entering challenging situations.
Prepare some talking points. You can ask your new colleagues about their previous work or plans for the holidays.

Keep on asking questions until you find a common ground. Small talks lead to deeper conversations. You can start by sharing your experiences instead of asking and listening to their stories.  If you find it hard to share personal views, you can talk about other stuff they can relate to like your first few weeks in an IELTS review center in Davao or your plans after taking the exam.

Just let the conversation going until you become more confident and comfortable in speaking with other people.

3.    Set goals. If you find engaging in group conversations challenging, you can start by aiming for small talks with at least one of your colleagues. Start having daily conversations with new people.

Everyone has his/her firsts. Though talking to a stranger is not your thing, this can be a good start.
You can begin by exchanging greetings with your seatmate in the bus or by bidding goodbye to your colleagues every after shift. This way, you are taking your socializing skills to a higher level. Moreover, without realizing it, your network is already expanding.

4.    Call a friend. Tagging along with your extrovert friends is also a good practice. They can introduce you to their networks, exposing you to different kinds of people whom you can connect with.
Another advantage of having extrovert buddies is they can do the talking for you. Introverts are more likely to keep their success on their own. Your friends will be more than proud to promote your accomplishments in professional situations, such as office lunch outs.

5.    Focus on other people. Introverts tend to concentrate more on their own world because external stimuli, such as people and strange environments, easily overwhelm them.
If you are stunned by the spotlight, make the other person the focus of the conversation instead.  Ask about his/her IELTS experience and listen to his/her struggles and successes. It gives him/her an impression that you are a good listener. Moreover, he/she may think that you are interested because you ask questions.

There is nothing to be ashamed about being an introvert. However, you must have the courage to socialize when situations call for it. Soon you will visit places and meet new people. Face your fears now and improve your communication skills by applying the abovementioned tips.

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