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The Student’s Diet Six Fruits That Enhance Mental Performance

Be it a quiz or an international language evaluation, preparing for an exam is a nerve-racking and mentally draining experience.

It is a challenge to maintain your cognitive competence after attending an intensive IELTS review in your chosen JROOZ Review Center. The pressure to understand and retain English lessons discussed in IELTS Davao is high given the life-changing results of the exam.

ielts davao

Supplementing your review with mind-empowering foods not only help you maintain your mental capacity but also enhance your cognitive performance. Keep your mind in its best condition by including the following brain-boosting fruits in your daily diet.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It also keeps memory lapses away. Studies show that eating this fruit can combat forgetfulness and age-associated mental decline. In fact, a research from the University of Massachusetts suggests that its regular consumption can help Alzheimer’s patients to recover their cognitive capacity. The apple’s nutritional properties can also lessen inflammation, counter oxidative stress and enhance mental agility.

Loaded with vitamin K, potassium and folate, avocados can improve your cognitive performance by enhancing your blood circulation.  As one of the main nutrients crucial to coagulation, the insufficiency of vitamin K in your body can increase the chances of blood clotting—one of the most common catalysts of stroke. Potassium and folate, meanwhile, reduce blood pressure and stave off age-related cognitive conditions.

Eating this yellow fruit regularly can improve your concentration with its rich magnesium content. Bananas can improve your mood and reduce anxiety by increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine in your body. As an excellent source of vitamin B6, bananas can also enhance your concentration and memory retention. Based on a study, participants who consumed foods with high levels of vitamin B6 scored higher on cognitive tests compared to those who did not.

Rich in vitamin B6, consuming this juicy fruit regularly does not only enhance your concentration but also decrease the risk of developing anxiety and depression. Its high levels of folate stave off Alzheimer’s, dementia and other age-associated mental deterioration. Cantaloupes are also loaded with potassium, which promotes better blood circulation, thus enhancing your focus, memory recall and learning capacity.

Citrus Fruits
Keep your mind sharp by munching on these mind-stimulating fruit group.  Studies suggest that these fruits, which are rich in polyphenol, can keep your brain alert for cognitive activities.  Aside from strengthening your immune system and digestive system, citrus fruits also contain high levels of antioxidants that help maintain your brain in excellent condition. They also combat cognitive degeneration brought about by age. 

The nutritional components of plums can prevent oxygen-based brain damage by improving your blood circulation.  Loaded with antioxidants, eating this sweet fruit can combat the effects of negative free radicals in your system, thus decreasing the chances of developing life-threatening conditions and age-related cognitive deterioration. Plums can also reduce the effects of stress and mental fatigue.

Pomegranates can lighten your mood with their high levels of estrogen content.  Consuming this fruit regularly can combat anxiety and depression by influencing your brain’s serotonin and estrogen receptors. Its rich polyphenol content can stave off brain inflammation, which increases the risk of developing life-threatening diseases. Pomegranates also inhibit age-associated mental degeneration. 

Fight off mental exhaustion by complementing your review efforts in IELTS Davao with these fruits. Including apples, bananas, cantaloupes and citrus fruits in your diet can improve your concentration and memory recall. Plums and pomegranates contain nutritional components that promote good mood. Moreover, all these fruits can fight off brain inflammation and inhibit mental decline.

Eating these mind-empowering fruits in the course of your preparations at JROOZ Review Center will not only empower your cognitive performance but also boost your general health.

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