Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to become better with IELTS Review Tests

There is always the anxiety in taking mock exams for the IELTS. In an IELTS review center in Davao, the weekly mock exams is what the instructors use to evaluate the performance of the students. Thus, it is every student’s dilemma on how to do better on IELTS review tests every week.

In the IELTS training course, students are given daily lectures and practices for them to build their knowledge and skills for the different tasks of the examination. IELTS instructors make sure that they can cover skills and strategies to make the students fully equipped when taking the test. Despite having lectures and practices, students are still curious on how they can become better with their review tests.

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There are a few things IELTS test candidates should do; here are some of them:

•    Write down notes during class discussions. In an IELTS review center in Davao, instructors often elaborates their ideas which are not found in the presentation they have. As a student, it is important to take down notes in classes as valuable knowledge can be explained further by the instructor. At the end of the day, review your notes and apply them to practice.

•    Do online practices. There are hundreds of IELTS practices online for free that you can take advantage of. Practice with these materials and check your score. It could be a little difficult since there is no rationalization that follows the activity; however, this is a good practice for you to understand better the passage after checking the correct answers.

•    Watch video tutorials on Youtube. There are quite a number of good channels on Youtube where teaches impart skills and techniques on how to ace the IELTS test. Watching these videos actually motivates students to do better in class as they learn something new. Some students even apply what they learn from the videos in class. This is a good sign for the instructors that you are actually helping yourself, learn more through different review materials available.

•    Have a speaking partner. Find someone in your friends that you can trust with to comment on your English skills. Conduct an IELTS speaking simulation test with his friend and ask your friend to point out things that needs improving. Also in your class, look for someone whom you can talk with comfortably. This could be a good opportunity to have a study partner who could help you, and vice versa, with lessons in the IELTS test.

•    Ask advice from your instructors. Part of the IELTS training is to have a one-on-one coaching on both speaking and writing. Take this opportunity to ask your instructors on what things you could possibly do to improve your score. The good thing with asking advice from the instructors is that they know exactly what you need to work on.

To be better with the review tests is to constantly take the test and learn from the mistakes. IELTS test candidates should never be afraid in getting mistakes since these mistakes will teach them how to do better in their classes.

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