Wednesday, August 17, 2016

IELTS Speaking: Mastering Word Stress

(Knowing the Correct Stress of Words, How Does it Help You in IELTS Speaking?

Rico Suarez, a professional nurse from GenSan, planned to apply in the UK. He checked online for the most reliable source of information on how to apply abroad. One of the requirements was getting a good score in his IELTS. He went to Davao City because the closest IELTS Center in GenSan is the IELTS Davao located at Jaltan Bldg., C.M. Recto cor. Bonifacio, Davao City.

During his training in IELTS Davao, Rico concentrated more on the Speaking part of the module because he wasn’t very exposed to speaking English. He worked in a public hospital and only used his native dialect for communication.

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In IELTS Speaking, you need to think fast and make quick decisions about what to talk about. Use what you know. Talk about your interests, so you are more familiar with the subject. Short answers are not encouraged. It’s also easier to give positive answers, but most importantly, tell the truth. Although it’s acceptable to give negative answers, it’s best to explain why you are not familiar with the subject.

A great vocabulary or grammar can impress the examiner, but they also look for one thing that is just as important and that is Intonation or word stress. Mistakes in word stress are a common practice in the English language. Stressing the wrong syllable in a word makes it very difficult to hear and understand. It can also change the meaning or type of the word. Like the grammatical difference between desert and dessert. Stressing the wrong syllable makes a huge difference in your sentence structure. Meaning and spelling of words are clarified for students but the correct sound and stress of word are too often forgotten. That’s why students should know how to use stress patterns as another way to organize and sort their vocabularies.

A stressed syllable is a combination of change in pitch, clarity and use of facial movements. In the IELTS Center, you will learn the patterns in word stress in English. This is the ‘technical’ side of language learning that make them proficient users of English.

Good communication also requires awareness of intonation. Incorrect word stress can result in misunderstanding and loss of interest of someone you are talking to. When you learn the correct intonation and the proper stressing of words, it builds your confidence. Speaking English is not going to be too scary especially when taking the IELTS Speaking. You can develop your grammar by reading, but reading out loud helps in facilitating your word stress.

Rico was just too glad that he took his training in the IELTS Davao. Not only did he gain the technical know-how of learning the English Language, he also found the confidence he needed to apply overseas. He also regarded word stress as an important tool to pass the IELTS Speaking. Through his training in IELTS Davao, and his constant practice, he would be able to perform well in his IELTS examinations.

IELTS Center is the perfect avenue to ace that IELTS exam that you need to work or study abroad.

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