Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tips before taking your TOEFL Exam

Since a lot of institutions overseas accept the TOEFL, the increase in the number of its test candidates has been observed to rise each year.  The demand for quality TOEFL review has become an important part of any candidate’s preparation in taking the examination. Like any other English proficiency examinations, taking the TOEFL means reaching the candidate’s target scores. To be able to do this, one must come ready for the exam. 

Being prepared for the exam is highly possible with the tips below:

  • Know the test format of the TOEFL exam. The TOEFL test is an Internet-based examination. Test candidates have to complete the examination with the use of a computer and internet connection. Further, you have to understand the question types in every area of the TOEFL – reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Knowing the question types makes it easier for the candidate to understand the required skill in the given question.
  • Improve vocabulary. The TOEFL exam uses academic English. Topics can include history, science and technology, arts, or any topics in the academe. Having good vocabulary means easier understanding of the passages. Further, good vocabulary makes it possible to express one’s ideas better in speaking and writing responses. 
  • Hone listening skills. Listening skills are useful in the listening, speaking and writing sections. Good listening skills not only means comprehension of passages but also good skill in note-taking. 
  • Practice writing using a computer. Some candidates are not comfortable using a computer when writing. They are more accustomed to writing using pens and paper. However, there is a need for all candidates in the TOEFL to develop their typing skills. There are a lot of practice drills online where one can improve their accuracy in typing. 
  • Find a speaking partner. A speaking partner is a good motivator. The speaking partner should be someone who is good at speaking the English language and knows how to point mistakes in a response. Also, the purpose of having a speaking partner is for the candidate to develop self-confidence in using English in daily conversations. 
  • Take practice tests. Practice tests are simulation of the real test. It gives the feeling of how the real test goes. Doing practice test familiarizes the candidate on the flow of the examination. Also, it is a good practice of experiencing an examination that normally lasts for about four hours. In TOEFL review, coaches use practice tests as a measurement of the student’s progress in the course. This evaluation indicates areas of weaknesses that the candidate has to work more on. 
  • Dress comfortably. On the day of the examination, dress comfortably. Most test centers have air-conditioning systems set on high, so it is best to wear something that could keep you warm all throughout the exam. 
  • Eat something. The brain will not work well when the body is hungry. Eat breakfast before leaving for work. Since food is not allowed in workstations, candies and some chocolate can help boost your energy while taking the test. 

Be confident for the exam – this is one secret that TOEFLcandidates have to keep in mind. With confidence and knowledge, TOEFL review prepares every candidate for the test and keeps them motivated in reaching their target scores. 

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